Mini haul 1: school stuff

Internet peeps!!!

How’s it going?

The second semester has started so…I have been hella busy.

Anyway…I went to a local bazaar mall. And on a strange impulse, I bought some stuff.

Hopefully I can convince you guys along with myself that this was worth it.

I do love buying school stuff but my love for school…is debatable at best.

Moving on to what I got:)JpegJpegSo…yup. Just a few stuff.

I really needed some index cards. The bigger ones were only php 27. The smaller was php 8. Oddly the Green Apple brand is cheaper than the Corona brand. Personally I prefer Green Apple’s quality.
I am so happy it’s sooo cheap. I constantly need these cards for studying and writing down homework reminders.

I got the Elmer’s glue stick for php 27 as well. The wipe-out tape/correction tape was php 15. I got the princess Aurora one because it is pink and Im an 8 year old in a teen’s body and honestly it was cheaper and I’m all for saving money when I can help it.

I got two generic brand sticky notes for php 10 each and the pens were php 6 each. If you add that all up, I just spent like, less than $3. Amazing.

That’s technically it with the school supplies.

I got this though,Jpeg

For PE. We will start playing volleyball. Our coach is not strict with what we wear with our uniform as long as we wear our uniform properly.

Our court is outdoors so we would be spending 2 hours exposed to the burning sun.

These arm socks (I just call them that) seem like a good something to invest in. For only php 30…well, I got it for php 25 after sweet talking the sales lady and asking for a “tawad” or a lesser price for the item.

Lastly I got my little brother a black beanoe as a really late christmas gift. I got one for myself as well. It didn’t cost me to 400 for both.

Overall I am highly satisfied with my purchases. Yes I bought these stuff on impulse more or less..
At least I am investing on my education and not just throwing away money how little it is. Every cent counts.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!


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