Mothers Day

Mothers day. The day to show our Moms how much we appreciate them and their love from us. This is the day we should shower our Moms with love and care-not gifts.

Most people think that it is just a gift giving holiday for Mothers, they forget that most gifts mean nothing without sentiment to back it up.

I’m not saying that giving your mom a gift is wrong or anything. It’s just that, material things are always commercializing holidays like this. The holiday likewise is having focus on ‘what to get mom’ and not on what the holiday is for specifically.

Besides, most moms don’t even want something that can be bought in the store.That is why it doesn’t matter what you give your mothers.

What they want is love. They want to spend time with you. They want your hugs and kisses. Mothers would be happy to spend a beautiful day with their kids, listening to their stories and making precious memories.

So if you do want to gift your mother something, I’d suggest a homemade card instead of a store bought one.

It doesn’t matter if you are 30 years old, working and able to purchase the most expensive card. The card made by you, The card you make with time, effort and love put into it is more valuable than anything a store can produce(or resell).

If your mama has a favorite food, flower or chocolate; you can buy some, sure! Just add a little touch of YOU to make it even more special.

If you haven’t seen your mom in some time, for Mothers Day, make time for her.

Take her out to lunch or dinner, a movie, a day in the park! Just spend some time with your mommy, No matter how old you are, she’ll always see you as her baby. Remind her that no matter what, you will always value her opinion, always be grateful for everything she has done for you, always love her for loving you.

That’s what really matters the most.


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