Fathers Day.

Having the complicated relationship with my biological father….well, I didn’t celebrate fathers day for him.

I celebrated the day for my grandpa, and my mom (who plays the role of both Mother and Father.)

I reflected a lot. Seeing girls my age honoring their fathers as super heroes who would sacrifice anything to make their daughters happy and for them to feel their love…I got pretty jealous. Still jealous of that kind of relationship.

BUT…I got thinking of the people I have in my life.

They fill the gap my father left in my heart.

My grandpa is my main father figure and I love him with all my life. He doesn’t have work but he does his best to give us what we may want or need when mama doesn’t have enough.

My mother is the dearest person in my life. I adore her and am at awe with her love for my siblings and She’s our provider who cares for us and pushes on despite all the difficulties in raising us on her own. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, my mama works long hours to bring us to school, provide us the basics and then some.

Then of course, our main father. God the Father Almighty. The father who never forsaken me. He had never turned away. He answers my prayers and I trust in him. I continuously am blessed with his love and protection. I can never be happier knowing I am God’s child and he is my papa. Though I cannot see him and many don’t believe that he is real; daily, I see little miracles that would be impossible if there weren’t someone real above. I feel his love and within myself, I truly believe that someone up there cares for me and just wants to love me despite my flaws and imperfections. He is my strength and guidance.

My grandpa, mommy and papa….I love you all so much. Thank you for everything!

Happy Fathers Day!


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