Just a passing thought.

Sometimes some things are worth waiting for:)


Oh life!

Life is funny at times.

There are gonna be times when you have to make a choice. Sometimes you’ll lose something no matter what you chose.

So you have to choose wisely. You can’t be rash and you can’t doubt after you’ve already chosen. The best thing to do afterwards is move on and accept the pain the loss would bring.

It’s unavoidable. The sooner you get a grasp of thing the easier it would be to free yourself from any guilt or doubts or worries or ‘what ifs’.

Allow yourself time. Time to recover and recharge for a fresh start.:)

Life is good. Weird and funny and everything in between but….good. 😀

Quote of the week.

Keep an eye open for blessings in disguise.

God works in mysterious ways. If you are in need of something or are experiencing hardships and problems. Pray. Wholeheartedly. Trust in him to send you what you need. To provide for your needs. Just be aware. Sometimes blessings will come and we don’t know it the moment we receive the blessing and sometimes blessings won’t seem like blessings at all.