So far….

Phantom readers! Hello. It’s the third week into sophomore year and already, I am exhausted.

The professors are relentless in their homework and reading assignment.

I know a literature major would love to read and I do…not just the purely academic stuff. When I’m reading purely academic stuff what’s running through my head is ..

Why should I care about this?

How would this help me in my field of career?

This practically kills the beauty of Literature. Why is this required?

We have to take this just because? Alright then.


The annoying thing us my professors who teaches the majornaubjects are so chill and calm and helpful and great while the minor subject professors act all major with the ridiculous amounts of readings.

Don’t get me wrong if I had only that subject and not the other 9. I could read it easypeasy. But that’s not my only subject and I have more to juggle daily.

These past few nights have not given me enough rest. I had classes since last Monday. Its my10th day straight and quizzes are coming up. Its hard and gonna be more so in the weeksbtp come but, despite my ranting and complaining….I’m pushing on and doing what I can to get through this.

I still want to be on that deans list. Sleepless nights will be a regular thing so I need to suck it up and just deal with it.

I can’t wait for a long vacation though. A holiday were we have no classes doesn’t even give enough time for rest. We use that day to work on more stuff.

But anyway, so far….its all still good. Tiring and exhausting but its nothing iced coffee and paracetamol tabs and lazy but great conversations can’t fix.

P.S. no time to edit and review for typos so, sorry!


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