Random sharing time.

Hello Phantom readers.

If I haven’t mentioned before, I am from the Philippines.

Since its the first of September…It’s the start of the celebration for Christmas.

You read that right it’s a thing of this country to start preparing for Christmas as early as September.

Some households may start putting up their trees and Christmas songs are starting to be played on the radio.

Its awesome because by the time December comes, we are all very well in the spirit of the holiday.

After Christmas,we still have a holiday hangover that can last well into February or even march.

Yup we celebrate from September to march:)

Its a great thing to look forward to especially when students are having exams and final grading systems. The thrill of seeing lights outside at night and the decorations on the tree help the time fly by faster.

The only thing that’s missing would be snow…that would be fun (que people who would disagree). For people who have never even seen snow…well…


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