Post “Hell week”

So the exams for the preliminary period are over.


It was a week of stress, sleep deprivation and headaches. Hopefully everyone passed all the exams.

I also had my 18th birthday debut. Roller coaster putting it all together and the day itself. Thank you for making it possible lord. Love all I received and am so thankful for them and the beautiful messages during my 18s. Its was all good.

Now school is at a sort of pause. The required papers are minimal and I was able to sleep for 13 hours last night. Although I was still sorta sleepy and during class earlier I felt like I was coming down with something…I drank medicine and I feel a lot better now. Still sleepy so Ill enjoy my bed after typing up this post:)

Anyway phantom readers. Everything nice calm and fine right now which is awesome. I have essay to type and then time for sweet sleep.

  • Good night!!

My birthday was yesterday…

I just turned 18. I am officially considered an adult by law….as for everything else well, I’m still a kid and very much would love some naptime. I had to take this awful test on my birthday yesterday. Brutal and deadly. But I’m getting pumped about my debut. It’ll be awesome and I’m gonna allow.myself to enjoy it.

  • Gotta study. See you phantom readers!