Hello phantom readers!!


Hello.It’s been over a month since my last post but to! I’m back!!! Its been busy busy busy. Finals are coming us and schoo requirements appearing out of nowhere😑

I can’t wait for Christmas!!!! I can’t wait for long sleep nights and no stress.


So yesterday was our last day in PE and our of 3 games, my partner and I won one! Yay! And the other game was so so close. The opponents won by one point.

It was the most fun I had in PE….and it had to be the last day. XD

Oh well. I wanna buy one more racket so that my siblings can play with me.

Moving on…the UAAP game 3 between UST AND FEU is today.

Go USTE!!!!

I only have one subject today, the rest of my classes are suspended to give way to tigers’roar!


HAHAHAHA My mom and I had a lively match earlier.

I told get I needed to find a yellow shirt and she was “Oh the tiger thing! Didn’t UST lose yet?”

“What?? No way. And the games later on in the afternoon. Also, UST will win.”

“Nope. FEU will win.”

“Nooo UST.”




*both laughs*

“UST! Whooo!”


Love you mama!:*

Well see later. Go fight UST!!!



Phantom Readers! Which team do you think will win? (Say UST)







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