DIY No slip bookmark/Book wrap

Hi! Still on vacation my dear Phantom Readers. I had a burst of boredom which led to a little creativity.

I made a no slip bookmark that can double as a wrap for books or journal. As a wrap it can keep the book nicely shut which can also help those paperbacks with covers that just love to stay up.

Materials Needed:

○ Ribbon. (Measured by the length of the book and twice the width.)

○Any (cute/cool) button


○Thread the same color as the ribbon

○ Elastic (hair elastics work best)


Prepare all material acquiring a good median of size for your books. Use that book to measure up the ribbon to cut.


Check the length of the ribbon on a few books ranging in sizes slightly bigger or smaller than the median book.


Thread the needle and fold the elastic one end of the ribbon. Sew together.


Designate place for the button and sew that on to the other end of the ribbon.


Make as many as you can and gift them to friends as a late Christmas gift, birthday gift, just because it because you wanna encourage them to read too!


See you next time!


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