Why review?

So as a reader before seeing countless reviews of products I had thought once,

“What’s the reason for so many reviews on one product? Don’t bloggers have nothing else to blog about that they review the same product another person also reviewed?”

Well when I started trying out new soaps and facial washes, makeup and lotions; I understood the need for a lot of opinions. It gives the consumer a look into the product from many different users. From reviews I learned of the products different reactions negatively and positively. I can gage if the risk of possible bad reactions brought by the product is worth it.

I went into reviewing for 2 reasons.

  1. I was honestly bored and in need of new blogging material
  2. I’d like to add on my opinions on products and give you readers more insight on the products I try.

I encourage you phantom readers to read reviews. Not only mine but countless others too! It’ll help you see how the peeps who used it enjoyed the product. Maybe, the peeps can also try reviewing for yourselves.

That’s all for now:)



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