Achievement Unlocked.

Disclaimer: not my photo.

Hello Phantom readers! Namaste!

Last week I vowed to be more active with my yoga sessions. I was able to attend two sessions last week. This day was my 3rd session this semester and I was able to hold a supported head stand pose against the wall.

The last two sessions…my head kept ‘collapsing’ so I couldn’t even hold the pose.

And earlier I was able to keep my arms strong and my head supported.

That alone made me so happy on the way home, but then after dinner and a little rest, I practiced on my own and was successful in kicking up to a wall supported head stand without help.

I ┬ádid it a few times until I tried lifting a leg alterntely from the wall. I’m not quite strong enough to not use the wall but my progress is something I’m really happy about.

Not only did I get a little more confidence in class but it also washed away most of my fears enough to try at home.

I fell a few times but I kept telling myself to not be afraid.

After saying a few little prayers when my fear rose a notch, I went for it and I got my pose.

The lessons today are:

Tust yourself and your capabilities.

Do not fear.

Trust God and with your faith in hand, bravely take the plunge.

Enjoy the week dear readers. Good vibes all throughout!




Hello phantom readers. Namaste!

Back to the yoga mat…after about 2-3 sessions last year as a freshman. I am committing myself to attend more asanas. I am a member of the UST yoga club. This is my second year and in this second semester I plan to make the most out of yoga. For until the end of april there are classes MWF. Ill be trying my best to attend them all.

The session yesterday was fun and challenging. I can’t do a head stand but it’s goal I aim to accomplish.

If you have never tried yoga before, I recommend it. It’s great for relaxation and you meet wonderful people after each session. Not to mention, it doesn’t matter if you exactly know what you’re doing or how stuff goes or what to say, yoga is a learning process. Learning about yourself and being one with yourself and improving yourself through your new knowledge of yourself.

That’s a lot of selves. But it’s alright. In yoga you aren’t judged. You get to focus on you. You make better yourself on the inside so that light may radiate and shine on someone else. Roll out a mat and try it. You might be surprised that you actually really like it.

Contemplation at 1am.We have this professor…

This professor who expects more from us. Who doesn’t settle (forgive the term) for half-assed works. She does not settle for mediocracy.

She can come off as harsh and really hurtful were the words I had read in feedback to my writing.

But this professor is someone you wanna impress. She is someone you wanna become. She didn’t get to where she is now by settling for ‘just fine’ or ‘good enough’. She went for as-near-to-perfect-as-possible.

And in her hurtful words, I had found inspiration.

A new force or drive that tells me I should fall in love with my field. It seems I sometimes forget why I’m here studying literature.

I forget that little but very important detail and it affects what I produce.

The force, It tells me that I shouldn’t give up. Tells me that I should work on bettering myself and building myself up. For my sake and nobody else’s.

I may have complained about those words. I may have held back tears or even allowed a few to slip when I was alone but I haven’t thanked my professor yet.

I’m hoping my good work would do the thanking for me. This renewed effort of mine is inspired by her.

If I fail in impressing her, I still want to be proud that I tried and that I personally improved even just a little.

A paper plan she looked over earlier came back in positive face. So far so good.

The past week.

I had been sick two Wednesdays ago. Fever. It was pretty high and had me stay home from school the next day. Then came Monday I woke with rashes.

Having a dengue scare is, well, scary. Praying it wasn’t that and instead an allergy or something I went back and forth to hospitals and health centers and even got my blood tested. I missed two days of school and I was giving 3 medicines and one was changed to a stronger one that had a really drowsy effect.

But the blood test confirmed so. Thank God it isn’t dengue.

I was put in a hypoallergenic diet and had just finished my steroid two days ago and my antihistamines yesterday. I am rash free and I have mostly caught up to my school work.

Now I am well and eating foods normally and all is just fine.

The culprit of the rashes/hives/urticaria is the weather. *sigh* It’s like being baked in an oven sometimes….

Anyway, I’m glad the rashes are behind me. I missed chicken and sweets. Lol.

That’s all for now.

Still pretty busy so posts are most likely just updates on my life…I hope some readers may find the tidbits of another person’s life a little interesting.

To my new readers, welcome by the way. To my old ones, I hope you enjoyed reading.

Have a great day all!