The past week.

I had been sick two Wednesdays ago. Fever. It was pretty high and had me stay home from school the next day. Then came Monday I woke with rashes.

Having a dengue scare is, well, scary. Praying it wasn’t that and instead an allergy or something I went back and forth to hospitals and health centers and even got my blood tested. I missed two days of school and I was giving 3 medicines and one was changed to a stronger one that had a really drowsy effect.

But the blood test confirmed so. Thank God it isn’t dengue.

I was put in a hypoallergenic diet and had just finished my steroid two days ago and my antihistamines yesterday. I am rash free and I have mostly caught up to my school work.

Now I am well and eating foods normally and all is just fine.

The culprit of the rashes/hives/urticaria is the weather. *sigh* It’s like being baked in an oven sometimes….

Anyway, I’m glad the rashes are behind me. I missed chicken and sweets. Lol.

That’s all for now.

Still pretty busy so posts are most likely just updates on my life…I hope some readers may find the tidbits of another person’s life a little interesting.

To my new readers, welcome by the way. To my old ones, I hope you enjoyed reading.

Have a great day all!


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