Hello phantom readers. Namaste!

Back to the yoga mat…after about 2-3 sessions last year as a freshman. I am committing myself to attend more asanas. I am a member of the UST yoga club. This is my second year and in this second semester I plan to make the most out of yoga. For until the end of april there are classes MWF. Ill be trying my best to attend them all.

The session yesterday was fun and challenging. I can’t do a head stand but it’s goal I aim to accomplish.

If you have never tried yoga before, I recommend it. It’s great for relaxation and you meet wonderful people after each session. Not to mention, it doesn’t matter if you exactly know what you’re doing or how stuff goes or what to say, yoga is a learning process. Learning about yourself and being one with yourself and improving yourself through your new knowledge of yourself.

That’s a lot of selves. But it’s alright. In yoga you aren’t judged. You get to focus on you. You make better yourself on the inside so that light may radiate and shine on someone else. Roll out a mat and try it. You might be surprised that you actually really like it.


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