Achievement Unlocked.

Disclaimer: not my photo.

Hello Phantom readers! Namaste!

Last week I vowed to be more active with my yoga sessions. I was able to attend two sessions last week. This day was my 3rd session this semester and I was able to hold a supported head stand pose against the wall.

The last two sessions…my head kept ‘collapsing’ so I couldn’t even hold the pose.

And earlier I was able to keep my arms strong and my head supported.

That alone made me so happy on the way home, but then after dinner and a little rest, I practiced on my own and was successful in kicking up to a wall supported head stand without help.

I  did it a few times until I tried lifting a leg alterntely from the wall. I’m not quite strong enough to not use the wall but my progress is something I’m really happy about.

Not only did I get a little more confidence in class but it also washed away most of my fears enough to try at home.

I fell a few times but I kept telling myself to not be afraid.

After saying a few little prayers when my fear rose a notch, I went for it and I got my pose.

The lessons today are:

Tust yourself and your capabilities.

Do not fear.

Trust God and with your faith in hand, bravely take the plunge.

Enjoy the week dear readers. Good vibes all throughout!



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