Happy Halloween Phantom readers.

Im currently on break from school but sadly, we have no wifi a home so I still cant post much though I want to.

But anyway, I got my preliminary period grades and they arent scary! So yay!

I need to do a little better this finals period though. Wish me luck guys!

I’ll see if I can post a little Halloween something. I hope everyone enjoys their tricks and treats.

Eat lots of candy and don’t forget that toothbrush.

🍫🍬🍭Happy Halloween everyone!🍭🍬🍫



Birthmonth Birthweek

Hola phantom readers.

It has been a month.

I am sorry.

I am currently undergoing hell week. It is hard XD

Buuuuut anyways I just wanted you guys to know that this blog is still alive and still will have future posts. For thebmonth of October it might be more on positive stuffs than real long posts but time can only permit such so please bear with it. Thank you very much.

Ill try not to go on too long of a haitus. Once you get out of the rhythm of posting stuff getting back is a little hard. But no worries. Itll happen again.

Anyway for this week…its all exams for me. Oh and my birthday overshadowed by exams and responsibilities 😦 nahhh but its okay. Ill get through this.

Im turning 19. My goodness. Wow.I feel pretty old.

Well thats all the time O have to post something so Ill see you guys on my next post.

Til then. Have a great day and keep that positivity.