Hey Hey Hey Phantom Readers! Oh my gosh.

I am approaching my last day of Junior Year in the University of Santo Tomas. Whuuuttt?

Yup last three weeks ago was h e l l on earth.

So stressful. So scary. So tiring and my gosh so Over!

I’ve had reports, quizzes, projects and my THESIS PROPOSAL DEFENSE (that went AWESOME btw).


Three weeks ago I though would be super impossible to get this far. I even had to act in a One Act Play entitled “Half an Hour in a Convent” by Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero. I played Yolanda and the experience was just awesome. I missed Acting in plays be it in workshops or school play…I was happy to have this experience and my groupmates were wonderful.

We had Ivy who created the looks. She made the Nun costumes work. And feather who helped along.

We had Lloyd who directed us. He worked on choreography, positioning, speech, and action…the whole thing. Awesome. Jeff helped with Ques and Lines and remembering where we were supposed to be when we said something.

Amfelle helped with props and getting everything prepared. She even cleaned up after despite having the start of a fever. We have Aura and Roi, very thankful for their help too.

Then there are my fellow actors:

Marinette. She is also the group leader. She played Mother Superior. I was just so happy for her and proud at how she delivered. She remembered all her lines and she was just amazing.

Ella was awesome. Good delivery and her scream was on fleek.

Yvonne…Yvonne was sooo good. She and I were attempting to cry but our emotions weren’t very in the  moment so we weren’t able to accomplish that but no worries, we survived and I think we survived very well.

I am so proud of these people. Brava to us.

Let’s talk proposal defense. I was freaking nervous but it wasn’t really apparent yet. My nerves have a tendency to reveal themselves last minute. So I can be nervous but chill for the hour before something and then, five minutes before my turn my heart would start beating faster, my hands would shake and I would want to jump around and stuff because I’m suddenly pumped.

But anywayssss I was watching other people’s defenses and sitting beside our adviser. When he asked the defensee something and they couldn’t answer and Sir would turn to me and sorta ask me….I am just so eeeeeeeeek I was able to answer and when it finally came to my turn to defend my proposal, IT WENT SO WELL…I was on Cloud 9.

Then right after, Marinette who is also our class president went to me and told me she had good news. I was part of the ten exempted from this final exam in this subject. I nearly cried!

This subject was the one I was stressing over most (other than the proposal defense) So…I took my bestie and made a beeline for the school chapel.XD


What else? what else? what else?

Ohhh Yesterday!

Went to Canyon Cove in Batangas. It was my mom’s office outing and we- sibs and I, tagged along. I wasn’t expecting to be able to come because finals week often had the tendency to have a very wacked up schedule.But I was able to so that was pretty fun. I have an awful tan line but eh! I enjoyed meditating while kneeling on the seashore allowing the sea to drag me in and pull me back. It was pretty relaxing.

I did underwater ballet in the pool and it was fun to stretch my legs with the extra help from H2O.

My mom allowed me a drink or two or three of Tanduay Ice Alcomix Pomelo. I’m not into Alcohol and my only experience with it so far was the Blue Tanduay Ice during my debut and cheap red wine during New Years eve. It was nice to taste but I am pretty sure I’ll be sticking to rootbeer and choco-coffee instead.


What’s up in the future?

Well….After tomorrow, which is the last exam day!

I’ll be having Community Development trips on the 30th and 1st of June for my Organization and then two months of a well anticipated break.

Meaning, I can finally…FINALLY post more than I have been doing. I expect to read and watch movies and stuff so this blog won’t be so bare and I can finally get rid of some cobwebs.

I’ll also be posting a short story-maybe. I might write on here as it has been FOREVER since I’ve written stories.

I need to rekindle my love with writing and reading for fun.

I don’t really have my two month break in plans but yes. Very excited for that. After the short break, I will be a SENIOR on to take my FINAL YEAR in UNIVERSITY. I will be holding a BACHELORS DEGREE in LITERATURE and I will be out JOB HUNTING. O.O

But of course, I have to finish my thesis and defend it first…

Hahahahaha sleepness nights await.



Well, that is all, for now, Phantom readers. For those of you who had stayed on and still follows this blog. Hi! I’m still alive and still attempting to update so just hold on there and I thank you ever so much. For those who have just gotten on to this, Welcome!

I’ll be sharing a pic of the actors from Half an Hour. I might make it my cover photo of this post. We’ll see.

Til’ next time. God Bless all!


Birthmonth Birthweek

Hola phantom readers.

It has been a month.

I am sorry.

I am currently undergoing hell week. It is hard XD

Buuuuut anyways I just wanted you guys to know that this blog is still alive and still will have future posts. For thebmonth of October it might be more on positive stuffs than real long posts but time can only permit such so please bear with it. Thank you very much.

Ill try not to go on too long of a haitus. Once you get out of the rhythm of posting stuff getting back is a little hard. But no worries. Itll happen again.

Anyway for this week…its all exams for me. Oh and my birthday overshadowed by exams and responsibilities 😦 nahhh but its okay. Ill get through this.

Im turning 19. My goodness. Wow.I feel pretty old.

Well thats all the time O have to post something so Ill see you guys on my next post.

Til then. Have a great day and keep that positivity.

Update on my comings and goings….

Two words to describe me right now.

Sick. And. Tired.

No Im not pissed or anything. Im literally sick because Ive been constantly tired. Had to stay home from school todat and that actually gave me time to write a little post.

So much has happened the past weeks. Ive done lots as the secretary of my Yoga Org, As well as the executive coordinator of my Literary Society.

Ive also broke a record, i think, of being able to sleep for only 3hrs a night consecutively.

Bet my exhaustion was what made me sick. I gotta attend classes tomorrow but I really dont want to.

But then again, this is the life pf a student who wants to do well. Besides, Ive got family and friends counting on me.

I can’t let them down, now can I?

The worst part about missing school is that each class is 3 hrs long. So you really miss a lot of stuff. Not only cant you be productive sick, you also have more thigs to catch up on after youve gotten slightly better.

But its alright. Ill survive. I want my name on that Dean’s list.

I dont know when I can update again but just stay tuned Phantom Readers.




Hello phantom readers. Boy, are my days interesting.

I attended a leadership summit as Secretary of executive board of UST YOGA. Food was awesome. I actually ate one serving of veggies.

To sorta chaperone my sis in an overnight prebirthday bash of her bestie. I tagged along to solaire and stayed there yesterday and last night.

It was fun and cold and a little crazy.

My sis, her bestie and that bestie’s other friend…we all watched the conjuring 2 the day before.

4 teenagers scaring each other to the point where they hardly got any sleep. We got scared to use the bathroom and the lights even turned off on its own once or twice.

Paranoia or coincidence?

That aside. I ate so much and had an awesome time. Crispy Kreme donuts, fried chcken and fries…etc. This morning after waking up and showering, my sis and I and her bestie tried out the gym.

Its my first time to use equipment. And my first time in a gym to actually work out.

I hit the treadmill and first stayed 15 minutes then I did some ballet on the wall Barre for 30 minutes. The this pedal thing for 7 minutes. Treadmill for 26 or so and the bike for 6.

It was awesome. I was running to beyonce’s who run the world and time just fled by.

Ate an apple and banana for breakfast.q

Unfortunately…well not really…we were picked up after checkout and ate at burger king for lunch. Bacon 4 cheesey goodness.

I argue That working out was just making room for that jr burger.

It would’ve been fine but my Grandma’s birthday is today. More food!

Spaghetti, pearlballs and more cake.

Yup. Healthy right?

An update on my gradesThe first time it came out two subjects didn’t have the grades up. I got them now.

I was really upset and disappointed. Out of 10 subjects I got 7, 1.somethings. 2 2.somethings andone upsetting 3.00.

I didn’t make the deans list. I worked really hard but I came up short and I got my first ever 3.

It’s just so irritating but I know I still have chances to get my future grades up even better.

Wish me luck phantom readers.

For now, Ill let my irritationdissipate and Ill enjoy the other blessings that come my way.

I’m thankful for the good grades I’ve got and Ill forgive myself eventually for that 3.

I didn’t fail and my average is pretty good. Ill do better next semester.

Hey junnnneeee

Hello my Phantom Readers! Its been a while,


To all besties out there, this day is for you!

Mmmhhh hhmmm.

Vacation has been great so far. I had caught up to my loss sleep and last night I finally watched kung fu panda 3 🎦with my brother. It was AWESOME.


I wonder if Ill make a movie review. Just to add content on this blog😂

I  need to give you guys something entertaining to read about! But review or not I totally recommend that movie. Loved it.💟👍👍

So catching up. My mother had her birthday last 4th of June. 🎈🎀🎁🎂🎁🎀🎈We bought her a cake and surprised her in her office late at night. She did not see that coming.

I am working on getting some part time job while on break.💲💲💲

Hopefully in ☕Seattle’s best coffee☕. The sister cafe of Starbucks.

We’ll see how that goes.

I will enroll in a few ballet classes come June 18.👸💞💖💝 Back to the Leos and tight^_^ yes please. I’m excited!!!👏👏👏👏😍

Right now I have a few events coming up. I’m an incoming executive board Secretary for my yoga club.🙏Namaste!

I have a summit to attend this Saturday. I need to find a corporate attire. 👓⌚👔💼

I have two debuts to attend. 👰👱A yoga party to celebrate international yoga day. …🎆🎇🎉🎇🎆

And I have my eyes set on a free donut on dunkin donuts day.🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

That’s a hefty schedule.

When I have time and the inspiration strikes, I plan to write📓📖📔 or compose 🎼or maybe use the electric keyboard I bought but never fully learned to play.🎹🎶🎶🎶🎶

I have a few good weeks ahead. Everything is past paced and exciting!

Right now I’m awaiting the big grade reveal.😱😧😦😅😂

Logging into my account to see my grades…its just like the hunger games. 🙆No joke. It’s a struggle every semester.😂😂

Praying for good grades. Hopefully good enough to get into the deans list and convince CHED to grant me a scholarship. *fingers crossed*

In other news. I can now stand on my head. 👏👏My head stand lasted a little over a minute.👏👏👏👏

From someone who had trouble keeping her head not collapsed to someone who can do it 2 months after….Man, if I could stick to my diet and exercise as well as I stick to practicing my head stand I might actually turn heads 😂 jk.


No but really this determination needs to be channeled in other activities I put myself into. Lets see how that goes as well.

Anyway. Stuffs okay….having fun on rainy days. Wish me luck. Grades away so I can spend the rest of the days for play! Happy Besties Day phantom readers.

Ill update about my grades when they are completely given.

Have a nice day!😊

Half time

Helllooooo phantom readers!

Guess who’s on break now…Me!

I’m done with my exams and I’m done with my second year of college. I’m halfway there!

My last day was last Friday. Yesterday was spent watching Xmen: Apocalypse with my Mom and siblings and then sleeping a lot.

Thank goodness I can catch up on sleep😴

It has been a ride and the past semester has been very challenging but I got through it. All I have to do now is wait for the results. 😅

I’m pretty sure I did alrght in all the subjects so…here’s to praying I see good grades.

Hmmm, what to do now?

Catch up more on sleep, read my books that I haven’t read yet, get to watching some series, >maybe< get a part time job….Ill think of the rest later. I’m going back to bed.

Have an awesome day readers!

Approaching the final wave.

Hello phantom readers! I haven’t been able to post as I had planned but well life if just uncooperative sometimes.

It has been hectic for me. Up and down and sides and over. Next week are my final exams- except for filipino subject I had just finished the oral exam early this day. Hope i get a good score.

Anyway. Just thebuodate of what’s going on. After next week…LONG SCHOOL BREAK.!!!

I just need to suffer a bit more until I can be reprieved.

Anyway, happy Saturday readers!


Achievement Unlocked.

Disclaimer: not my photo.

Hello Phantom readers! Namaste!

Last week I vowed to be more active with my yoga sessions. I was able to attend two sessions last week. This day was my 3rd session this semester and I was able to hold a supported head stand pose against the wall.

The last two sessions…my head kept ‘collapsing’ so I couldn’t even hold the pose.

And earlier I was able to keep my arms strong and my head supported.

That alone made me so happy on the way home, but then after dinner and a little rest, I practiced on my own and was successful in kicking up to a wall supported head stand without help.

I  did it a few times until I tried lifting a leg alterntely from the wall. I’m not quite strong enough to not use the wall but my progress is something I’m really happy about.

Not only did I get a little more confidence in class but it also washed away most of my fears enough to try at home.

I fell a few times but I kept telling myself to not be afraid.

After saying a few little prayers when my fear rose a notch, I went for it and I got my pose.

The lessons today are:

Tust yourself and your capabilities.

Do not fear.

Trust God and with your faith in hand, bravely take the plunge.

Enjoy the week dear readers. Good vibes all throughout!



Hello phantom readers. Namaste!

Back to the yoga mat…after about 2-3 sessions last year as a freshman. I am committing myself to attend more asanas. I am a member of the UST yoga club. This is my second year and in this second semester I plan to make the most out of yoga. For until the end of april there are classes MWF. Ill be trying my best to attend them all.

The session yesterday was fun and challenging. I can’t do a head stand but it’s goal I aim to accomplish.

If you have never tried yoga before, I recommend it. It’s great for relaxation and you meet wonderful people after each session. Not to mention, it doesn’t matter if you exactly know what you’re doing or how stuff goes or what to say, yoga is a learning process. Learning about yourself and being one with yourself and improving yourself through your new knowledge of yourself.

That’s a lot of selves. But it’s alright. In yoga you aren’t judged. You get to focus on you. You make better yourself on the inside so that light may radiate and shine on someone else. Roll out a mat and try it. You might be surprised that you actually really like it.