My birthday was yesterday…

I just turned 18. I am officially considered an adult by law….as for everything else well, I’m still a kid and very much would love some naptime. I had to take this awful test on my birthday yesterday. Brutal and deadly. But I’m getting pumped about my debut. It’ll be awesome and I’m gonna allow.myself to enjoy it.

  • Gotta study. See you phantom readers!

Another try at Blogging…

Hello People of the Internet!!!

Be you a Fan/Phan/Blogger/nonBlogger/or random person who just stumbled upon this humble gal’s Blog…

Welcome to Sammi Daae Phantom Blog!

In a few words I can tell you that,

You’re in for a ride.

I had tried blogging before but failed in pulling it through. 😦

I’ve been thinking for a while now about trying again but never really got to it or like, never having the right ‘feel’ as to when to try again but it’s the New Year and I thought I’d give it another go! 🙂

2015! Be kind to me!

In this blog you’ll mostly see random stuff about my life, my obsessions, passions, fandoms (I’m really into books!!), OTPs (I have lots of em’)…etc.etc.

I’ll throw in some DIYs here and there, as well as book reviews.

I’ll still be trying to get the hang of this, so, it is to be assumed that you’ll see some sort of struggle in my first few posts as I try to get comfortable with blogging.

I really do hope that whoever reads this may get something positive out of my rants and inner fangirlings.

If not, then, I hope you still get some enjoyment from this.

By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 😀


Here goes nothing!