10 looooong days!

What have i done? Lol.

My break from school is a mere two months as opposed to 2 months and 3 weeks. *sad*

I havent been doing much. I had just submitted my transcript for a scholarship application. Pray I get the scholarship.

Oh btw.Sierra boggess has been taken to play christine in paris in phantom of the Opera for the firstctime in FRENCH.

How awesome is that!!!!

Man i am so happy for her!

What else have I done rather than eat, sleep, and chat with friends?

Oh I was able to play twinkle twinkle on my electronic keyboard. With both hands!!

It was harder than i thought. 

I swear.

I can also play the hanging tree with one hand!

Aaaand thats it. Ive mostly been resting. Enjoying kong hours of sleep.

I will have a bit of an eventful july so im excited for that.

I should blog more. I need to find more content to write about. But expect blogs about my mini reunion with highschool friends. A back to school haul and my complainst for more vacay days.

For now. Rest easy Phantom readers. Enjoy whatever youre doing now and have awesome days.


Half time

Helllooooo phantom readers!

Guess who’s on break now…Me!

I’m done with my exams and I’m done with my second year of college. I’m halfway there!

My last day was last Friday. Yesterday was spent watching Xmen: Apocalypse with my Mom and siblings and then sleeping a lot.

Thank goodness I can catch up on sleep😴

It has been a ride and the past semester has been very challenging but I got through it. All I have to do now is wait for the results. 😅

I’m pretty sure I did alrght in all the subjects so…here’s to praying I see good grades.

Hmmm, what to do now?

Catch up more on sleep, read my books that I haven’t read yet, get to watching some series, >maybe< get a part time job….Ill think of the rest later. I’m going back to bed.

Have an awesome day readers!



Hello Phantom Readers. A blessed palm Sunday to those Catholics still on their Sundays.

I’m back and on break for the rest of the week!! Yay! Prelimeary examinations are over! I just need to see how I did.

For now, my focus is on recuperating. Getting more sleep and making up for lost sleep during beast week and just preparing my self for the last half of the second semester for my sophomore year.

Wooh. We can totally do this.

Anywho, my last test was last Friday and yesterday my moms cousin had her baby shower (loved the cupcakes). My break has been good so far. Ill be returning on the 29th so ill be making the best out of my rest days.

For those done with school, awesome. No extreme heat for you while commuting.

For those Graduating, Congratulations!

You’re all awesome and I can’t wait for my two month break😂

Try to be productive this break phantom readers. Don’t waste away your days. Do something you normally can’t because of your hectic all year schedule. I assume you have time now. Make the best of it.

Right now, I’m going to bed. Good Night and God bless to you all.