My First week on Junior Year.

Monday Feast Day. No classes

Tuesday First day. Classes cancelled due to heavy rain

Wednesday Classes cancelled

Thursday No classes due to schedule

Friday Classes Cancelled

Saturday Classes still Cancelled.

What an eventful week XD

Very Memorable indeed.


Achievement Unlocked.

Disclaimer: not my photo.

Hello Phantom readers! Namaste!

Last week I vowed to be more active with my yoga sessions. I was able to attend two sessions last week. This day was my 3rd session this semester and I was able to hold a supported head stand pose against the wall.

The last two sessions…my head kept ‘collapsing’ so I couldn’t even hold the pose.

And earlier I was able to keep my arms strong and my head supported.

That alone made me so happy on the way home, but then after dinner and a little rest, I practiced on my own and was successful in kicking up to a wall supported head stand without help.

I  did it a few times until I tried lifting a leg alterntely from the wall. I’m not quite strong enough to not use the wall but my progress is something I’m really happy about.

Not only did I get a little more confidence in class but it also washed away most of my fears enough to try at home.

I fell a few times but I kept telling myself to not be afraid.

After saying a few little prayers when my fear rose a notch, I went for it and I got my pose.

The lessons today are:

Tust yourself and your capabilities.

Do not fear.

Trust God and with your faith in hand, bravely take the plunge.

Enjoy the week dear readers. Good vibes all throughout!


Another school year ahead.

Aug 3. Misa De Apartura. The mass of the Holy Spirit.

Aug 4.Freshies’ Orientation.

Aug 5. Today. The Thomasian Welcome Walk 2015.


…You aren’t full blooded thomasians yet. At least not until you pass initiation….the flood waters around campus during storms.

Trust me August will be a really wet month. The water you’re gonna have to worry about isn’t the one that comes down but rather, the one that rises up.


Any who. I am super jealous of your scarves and caps. Why did we not have that last year?

Haha XD

Well I hope you guys enjoy the party tonight. Next week will be the real beginning.

Classes, decorations, activities, quizzes and exams.

Don’t lose your nerve with the ‘terror’ profs. They only seem so bad at first.

Just remember. Those monsters are people too!

Okay…be kind to your professors and instructors. Study hard. Don’t give up(especially during hell week[exam week])

You’re really in for a ride.

As freshmen stare starry eyed at the new life that awaits them, my own new beginning is underway.

Sophomore year!

I made it past the adjustment period. Now its time to brave another year which would expectedly be more difficult but…I think I’ll be able to do well:3

My goal is to get into Dean’s list.  Get a scholarship. Learn to play badminton better! And most of all…enjoy!

To the freshies. Welcome to UST. For my fellow sophomores, lets do this!