How I’m surviving Pre-hell season (AKA FRESHMAN COLLEGE FINALS WEEK) + quote of the week

First and foremost….

I’m not.

Work has me by the throat and It’s slowly killing me. I’m deprived of air and i Just can’t take a breather.

And the worst of it all? I’m only a freshmen…it’ll only get harder.

My professors are adding up work everywhere! I think they forgot that their subject is NOT our only subject. I’m hardly getting enough sleep and I’m going crazy with all the papers I need to write and rewrite and look over and critique. I have so many quizzes to study for. Finals are on May 13 to 15. Usually I’d be studying at around this time but even I don’t have time to study. I need to get the papers out of the way first.

“Teachers! I’m human too! I’m no robot who can spend lots of time in class and still get piled up with work at home.”

I can’t even read what I wanna read! I’m a literature major! I’m in it for the books and I can’t even have the books…


I’m only posting this because I need an outlet. My brain is fried and I have the worst case of AUTHORS BLOCK at the worst time possible. I’m craving for sweets (i’m a sweet tooth) and coffee. I need to keep awake.

I think the best way to survive though is to keep time for everything. Even if it’s a few minutes.

My advise if you’d ever be in my place (or are already in my place): Don’t forget to take care of yourself. And I mean physically, mentally and spiritually.

People. you important and don’t ya ever forget it.

Working and studying and trying to get things done well is great but if you need a break. Take a break before you break.

Okay? Okay

Bright side now. I have about 22 or so more days then SWEET FREEDOM BABY!!!!!!!!!

OH YEAH!!!!!

I just gotta get through the right now. It’s seems soooooo impossible but I’ll get through it. I know I can (Or at least I want to believe I can.)

I’ll leave you peeps off with a quote for the week.

Forget trying to make other people proud. Start caring about making yourself proud of you.

I’m done working my tushy to make people proud. I want to be proud of myself and not always look at others for affirmation and praise and reassurance. My goal right now is to end my freshman year with no regrets, no negative feelings and thoughts on myself. I wanna be proud of me. I’m getting through this tough school year, I’m tired and ready to rest but at least I know I’m on the right track; worrying on the right things to worry about and knowing this is gonna pay off.


It could be that fuzzy feeling I got when my Challenge-Activity in logic turned out so right and I all I wanted was to pass (I don’t know how I did it but majority didn’t)

My initial thought was “That’s rare. Probably won’t happen again.” but then, there was that voice deep inside me saying “You got it in you all along. You just didn’t know it yet. Allow yourself happiness in your achievement.” And I smiled going to my locker allowing myself to be proud for that moment.


Maybe the feeling of pure elation when I found out that I didn’t fail math AND my grade was higher than I initially thought it would be.


The feeling of breathless joy when I received a text from the audition judges for Hi-5 Philippines and I passed to the next round.

If I really think of it. I did pretty good. I just wasn’t giving myself that much credit.

Maybe you’re like me…?

Do you give yourself enough credit?

I know you could get through whatever you are facing right now. While you do that, I’m gonna kill this paper and then sleep with a smile on my face this morning.

It’s 12:11. Good Morning!!!!


Zenfone 5 unboxing and review of sorts.

good day:)
If you noticed in my moni haul..well it was more like a micro haul…I really went for the cheap side.

There was a reason for that.
I needed a new phone and I am a broke college freshman.

I looked around for some pretty good budget smartphones that are worth buying and finally decided on the ASUS ZENFONE 5.

I got the black one.


ASUS ZenFone 5 (A501CG) specs
1.6GHz dual-core Intel Atom Z2560
5-inch HD IPS display with Gorilla Glass 3 protection, 1280 x 720 resolution
16GB storage, expandable via microSD
8-megapixel f/2.0 PixelMaster Camera
2-megapixel front camera
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS
2110mAh, non-removable polymer battery
Android 4.3 ( will update to 4.4 KitKat ) with ASUS ZenUI
Php 6995

I bought it with my own money so I now consider my zenny my baby.Yup.

It came with these:Jpeg
USB cable. AC Adaptor. In ear earphones with extra buds in two sizes. ASUS user manual and warranty card.

(Not my photo.)

I got my zenny a Matte screen protector as well as a baby blue jelly flip case. Php 150 and 320 respectively.

For the specs that is offered on the Zen5. This is a really good deal.

The only downside so far, in my opinion, is the speaker’s sound. It is lower than what I would have liked, but decent.

Other people would complain about the battery.
I think it is pretty average. I’m far from techy but I can assure any potential buyers that the battery doesn’t drain dramatically fast as others claim. It depends on usage. For light to moderate use, it’ll last you a day or so. For heavy use, I lasted up to 4-5 hours at best.

No other problems as far as I can tell.
I cant wait to play around it more and finally get it to feel more ‘mine’ you know?

To be honest, it is what I am using to type right now:) Smooth and promising.

Before you do decide to buy this phone, I just want you to know that ASUS has announced that the zen2 would be out in the US by march this uear.
You may want to wait for that.
It has better specs like 4gb ram and lte capabilities. It will naturally be pricier.

It is around $199 dollars. That is equivalent to php 8000 VAT not included.

I would have just waited to buy that phone onced released but again I am broke and well I am quite content with the specs on my zenny.

I highly recommend this phone.
ASUS so far is reliable on the updates. This was jelly bean out of the box but I got it updatedto KitKat. It was also recently confirmed that this will get an update for Android 5.0 Lollipop soon.

Til’ next time