Oh life!

Life is funny at times.

There are gonna be times when you have to make a choice. Sometimes you’ll lose something no matter what you chose.

So you have to choose wisely. You can’t be rash and you can’t doubt after you’ve already chosen. The best thing to do afterwards is move on and accept the pain the loss would bring.

It’s unavoidable. The sooner you get a grasp of thing the easier it would be to free yourself from any guilt or doubts or worries or ‘what ifs’.

Allow yourself time. Time to recover and recharge for a fresh start.:)

Life is good. Weird and funny and everything in between but….good. 😀



Don’t forget to thank God for your life today.

Don’t forget to be thankful for waking up in the morning

and having 3 meals a day

and having clean water to drink

and having danger being far away.

Be thankful for the people around you,

the blessings that come your way,

from every little extra treat

that has made you smile today.

Be kind to the people that you pass by

and don’t forget to share your smile,

you never know if they’ve needed a little happiness

That they have been without for some while.

Remember to trust yourself and all that you’re capable of,

You have so much to give to the world.

From hope to happiness, peace and love,

your heart of gold behold.

©2015 sammidaaephantomblog

As my idol has said:

“You are enough, you are so enough. It is Unbelievable how enough you are.”