Updated review: Olay skin whitening bar with rose and milk.

Hello Dear ol’ Phantom Readers, Welcome to my updated product review!

I had been using Olays new one wash wonder Beauty Bar for about a month or so now.

Again I had purchased mine from Watsons branch Maysilo.

Price: Php100 (Watsons sale price of buy two take one free)

Regular bar price in watsons is Php50 .


Its been a month since I first started using this soap. One bar lasted me 29 days despite my initial dislike for the small-ish size. The soap still whitened after every wash though on some days it wasnt quite noticable.

The smell lingered on my skin after bathing and it was quite pleasant. It lathers us nicely and the thing I really like about the bar is that it didnt melt easily unlike its counterparts.

Below are just pics of my thighs from the before the first wash, the first wash and the results almost a month later.





After one wash.

P_20160805_143200_1After almost a month.

It had visibly whitened. Olay is, as you can see, effective. I’m continuing my usage from here on until I decide to try and review another soap bar.


●Mild. It wasnt stingy to my eczema

●Not too slippery when held

●Very pleasant scent that stays after the wash

● Whitens after every wash

●No bad skin reaction or allergies even after a lenthy, continuous usage (Though again, you’ll notice some slight micropeeling as you often get from some whitening soaps)

●The small bar lasts a month with regular uses. Whoch for me is about One to two baths a day.


●Price is a bit too pricey for its size.

●Whitening isn’t very noticable at first.

●Gives of a soapy feel after wash similar to safeguard.

Rating: 4.6/5

I don’t have any more cons. 4.6 is my final verdict.

Will I repurchase? Definately.


Watsons sale

Hello phantom readers, Just for the pinays out there

Watsons is still on its soap sale. This is until the 20th, so take advantage guys.

I am to purchase the olay soap and Ill have an initial review up and an update in a month or so after usage.

Have a great day guys. Ill watch out for any more sales.

Product Review

Fairness and Flawless L’amour instant whitening love soap.

Disclaimer: photo is not mine. Unfortunately I can’t properly credit the pic because I have just saved it on my phone and have long forgotten where it came from.

Hello Phantom readers:)

Welcome to my first product review! Up to starting the New Year I thought of more things to blog about. This is one review of hopefully more to come.

In this post, we will look into Fairness and Flawless L’amour soap.

I got mine in the st. Francis branch behind SM Megamall.

Fairness & Flawless is an organic skincare line.

●Offers BFAD & FDA approved 100% ●Dermatologist tested derma products ●Cater to different skin types and problems.

They have some franchisees all over Philippines, resellers and also a Facebook Page.

L’amour is widely known for its micro-exfoliating benefits which reveals fairer and smoother skin with every wash.  Promising instant whitening in one wash, a lot of peeps from facebook have raved about this soap. A bit sceptical I had to try it for myself.

Price: php150

Resellers may sell it for 165.


The soap bar which was a pretty pink color had a pleasant scent to it. Using it on my uber sensitive skin for about 2 weeks now, I did not experience any negative reactions. I was still cautious around skin portions with eczema thought. The soap is pretty mild and lathers really well. It however melts easily.

The promise of whitening after one wash was true. However for me, it wasn’t very significant. I had to study my skin well to tell the difference. Now after 2 weeks I did lighten up some.



●Nice scent

● Whitens after every wash

●No bad skin reaction or allergies


●Price is slightly more expensive than other whitening soaps like silka or kojoc or even beauché.

●Whitening isn’t very noticable at first.

Rating: 3.8/5

Will I repurchase? Perhaps. I’m leaning towards yes