Update on my comings and goings….

Two words to describe me right now.

Sick. And. Tired.

No Im not pissed or anything. Im literally sick because Ive been constantly tired. Had to stay home from school todat and that actually gave me time to write a little post.

So much has happened the past weeks. Ive done lots as the secretary of my Yoga Org, As well as the executive coordinator of my Literary Society.

Ive also broke a record, i think, of being able to sleep for only 3hrs a night consecutively.

Bet my exhaustion was what made me sick. I gotta attend classes tomorrow but I really dont want to.

But then again, this is the life pf a student who wants to do well. Besides, Ive got family and friends counting on me.

I can’t let them down, now can I?

The worst part about missing school is that each class is 3 hrs long. So you really miss a lot of stuff. Not only cant you be productive sick, you also have more thigs to catch up on after youve gotten slightly better.

But its alright. Ill survive. I want my name on that Dean’s list.

I dont know when I can update again but just stay tuned Phantom Readers.